Hey there,  I'm Naomi. You could say I'm your average girl next door, but I

suppose that isn't true. I like to define myself as a true companion. Many people say I'm full of life, and easy to be around. I think this is because I'm very communicative. I love meaningful and deep conversations. I love when someone can interest me on an intellectual level, even if we have opposing views. I find when someone can engage you mentally, everything else comes together.

I am a Texas native and Austinite, so I definitely have a bit of southern belle in me. Although, if you ask me who my football team, I'll surprise you. I'm a business professional, so I do approach life with zest. I actively run a business, and work very hard to maintain my life in every avenue.  I'm currently pursuing my graduate degree in Business, yet I'm still figuring things out where I want to take it. 

In my personal life I am very active. I work out about 3-4 times per week. I love hiking, and  practice yoga. I also love spending time with family and friends. However when I just want to chill, you can find me cuddling up in bed with a scary movie or thriller. I love reading and playing video games as well, so I definitely keep busy.


I'm a very full life, and love traveling. I'm an eclectic in food and music. I will try anything once. My favorite food is sushi, and I live a healthy lifestyle as well.  My music choices may also surprise you. When you enter my domain, you can find me listening to Fleetwood Mac, a Smooth Jazz playlist, or whatever I'm feeling at the moment. Like food and music, I believe that life is to be enjoyed..savored. That's the experience I like to provide. 

In regards to experiences, I aim to satisfy people's inner desires. It's always to hard to say everything I offer, because honestly I offer a lot. What I can say is that I'll stimulate more than your body. I'll stimulate your mind and intoxicate you. If you would like to know more about an experience with me, click below!